Schiphol STA Desk

Have you booked a taxi with Taxi Schiphol from Schiphol Amsterdam Airport? Then you can use the free STA desk. STA stands for Schiphol Transfer Assistance. It is a waiting area where our driver will pick you up as soon as you have registered. So you don't have to wait unnecessarily or search long for the driver in a crowded arrival hall.

How does it work? After you have landed at Schiphol, please register at the STA Desk. STA Desk is located at Schiphol Plaza in Arrival Hall 4. The taxi driver is then called by STA Desk and drives to the door.


 Flight information is used to monitor your arrival time

 Clear where you can register

 The driver is called up immediately after registration 

 The taxi drives in front of the arrival hall

 Free for all customers who have booked in advance with Taxi Schiphol


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